What is “W” sitting?

“W” sitting means when a child sits with both knee bent & leg turned out away from the body and bottom on floor.

  1. Increase femoral ante version in children is the most common reason behind.
  2. Children with weak core muscles- as this position has wider base so they can hold upright with less core muscle strengthen. Like cerebral palsy etc.
  3. Sometimes some hip pathology is also associated with W sitting position

Usually it is not harmful. But in rare cases it may cause the following

  1. Children do not use their core muscles much which may lead to weaker shoulder and wrist & may eventually affect fine motor development.
  2. Children with w position have decreased trunk rotation between right and left and may lead to decrease bilateral coordination
  3. It may lead to some postural problem and results in back pain in long run
  4. Constant W sitting may lead to In toeing gait/ Pigeon gait due to inner side muscle weakness in long run

  1. Well fitted shoes
  2. Encourage child to sit in cross leg position
  3. Increase physical activities like jump, swimming, running and hopping
  4. Promote using Indian toilet
  5. Walking along straight line and pigeon walking
  6. Seek medical advice (pediatric orthopedic) as soon as possible.
  7. Stretching exercises

W Sitting Treatment
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