What Is Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a three dimensional deformity of spine in which spine get deform and bend on either side of body. Early diagnosis of scoliosis can give better chances of correction as spine becomes more rigid with increasing age.

Treatment can be started in very early age group so that angle of scoliosis can either reverse or stable with increasing age. Sometimes it remains unnoticeable till adolescent age group when curve start appearing. That’s why routine screening of spine for scoliosis can diagnose it very early stage. Screening is very easy and takes hardly few minutes. Children with family history of scoliosis have more chances of having scoliosis and should be given more attention.
There are certain screening test and symptoms which can be done easily by teachers, parents, and other care givers. There are certain visual indicators of scoliosis which give us idea about scoliosis like uneven shoulder level, limb length discrepancy, uneven level of hips, and lump on either side of body, gap in between either side of body and arm and limp while walking.

Scoliosis Treatment
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