Dislocation Knee Surgery

What Is Knee Dislocation

The complex joint between the lower leg and the upper leg is called Knee. Three bones meet at your knee. These are the thigh bone, kneecap, and shinbone. There are various ligaments, tendons, and cartilages that are vital for their proper functioning.

Anyone who is suffering from knee dislocation whenever the position of the thigh bone concerning the shinbone gets disrupted. There can be many reasons for this disruption.

The common ones are falling, trauma to the leg, injuries during sports and accidents. You must know the difference between dislocated kneecap and knee dislocation. ​

Dislocated kneecap happens when the kneecap bone gets displaced. It can be because of the sudden change of blow or sudden change in direction while your foot is on the ground.

Dislocation of the knee is rare but a serious injury. It harms many connecting ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels. Thus, in such a situation getting dislocation knee surgery is essential. In this post, we have provided all the information about the various.

The symptoms of knee dislocation are visible immediately after the occurrence. If not attended it can worsen over time. The major symptom is pain, unstable, and a swollen knee. The other visible symptoms are:

  • A popping sound at the occurrence of injury
  • Pain in the area of injury, i.e. around the knee
  • The giving away feeling in the knee joint
  • Deformity in the knee joint
  • Incapability in moving the knee joint
  • Swollen knee area
  Trouble in day to day activities like walking, sports activities, running, etc.

Knee dislocation is a serious injury that can occur due to various reasons. It can also lead to other complications like nerve or ligament damage.

Thus, once you notice the symptoms of knee dislocation you must immediately consult a doctor for the right course of treatment. If avoided, your condition may get worse and will call for acute pain in the injured area. The recovery is possible only if you take the right treatment and at the right time

The first step while treating the knee dislocation is called reduction. This is a process used for ensuring that the kneecap is in its original position. If not, then the kneecap is moved back to its actual place. To avoid the feeling of pain during a reduction the patient is given a sedative or medication. During this process, the leg is moved in such a way that the kneecap reaches the original location. After this process braces are used for keeping the leg stable and for preventing the movement of the kneecap. If your ligaments, nerves, or blood vessels are damaged then the doctor recommends surgery for curing the same. Another treatment given to the patient is called the conservative treatment. Such a treatment involves immobilization of the injured area. This kind of treatment is used in various conditions. Some of them are:

  • There is no damage to blood vessels and/or nerves
  • The knee ligaments are intact
  • After reduction, the joint is observed to be stable
After all the treatment the patient needs rehabilitation like physical therapy. This is done after treating the knee dislocation. The type of rehabilitation provided depends on the seriousness of the injury and the treatment given to the patient.

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