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Child Orthopedic Deformity

Orthopaedic birth defects include a wide range of conditions affecting a baby’s bones and muscles, tendons and ligaments that connect them. Most Common 

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About Child Ortho Care

We at Child Ortho Care believe to give a smile to every child. Our dedicated team continuously thrives to help children to come out of the pain and move to the playground of joy. Dr. Nargesh Agarwal provides consultation and state-of-the-art treatment for children suffering from orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions. 

Club Foot Treatement

Child Orthopedic Deformaties

Club Foot Treatement


The parents should have their child screened as soon as possible to examine his health and determine the specific cause of the congenital deformity. There is no connection between clubfoot and diabetes. 

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy

Static ischemic brain injury causes cerebral palsy, a neurological condition. Hypoxia can cause brain injury and cerebral palsy during the delivery process or afterwards.

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W Sitting

Simply put, W-sitting is a position when a child has their knees out in front of them, but their ankles and feet are to either side of their hips, creating that classic W shape.

Scoliosis Treatment


Scoliosis is a three dimensional deformity of spine in which spine get deform and bend on either side of body. Early diagnosis of scoliosis can give better chances of correction as spine.

Limb Deformity | Limb Lengthening Treatment

Limb Lengtheing

The success rate of limb lengthening surgeries is around 95%. It involves minimal scarring as small incisions are done during the surgery. There is a rare serious complication in the surgery.

Radial Club Hand | child hand disorder

Radial Club Hand

It is a rare congenital disease in which child born with underdeveloped or missing radius bond in arms since birth. Because of this wrist joint become unstable and twisted inwards.


Developmental Dysplasia of Hip

If your baby is 4 months of age then Pavlik harness can be used for DDH treatment. It will help in holding the hip in the place so that the hip stays in the place.

Dr. Nargesh Agrawal

Child Orthopedic Surgeon (MBBS, Masters in Orthopedics)

(Child Orthopedic Surgeon, Delhi-NCR) Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon & Deformity Correction Surgeon

Dr. Nargesh Agrawal is the Child Orthopedic Surgeon in Delhi NCR. He started practicing Child Orthopedics in 2002. He graduated from JLN Medical College in Ajmer, Rajasthan, with a bachelor’s degree in medicine (MBBS). After that, he graduated from Government Medical College in Kota, Rajasthan, with a postgraduate program in orthopedics. He developed a special interest in Pediatric Orthopedics throughout his tenure there (child orthopedic).

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Dr. Nargesh Agrawal is a renowned Pediatric orthopedic Surgeon specializing in child orthopedic deformity treatment. He has nine years of experience as the best Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon in Delhi. He has many published research papers on child orthopedics to his credit

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