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Deformity Correction

Deformity in general terms means a physical blemish or distortion in the bones.
Deformity correction of the bone or we can say distortion rectification is a way to fix a bone that is bowed or contorted in a manner that isn’t normal. After the bone is fixed, the arm, leg, or foot has typical arrangement and capacity. There might be different kinds of deformities which can be found in children like, spinal deformity, bow legs, knock knee, leg deformity, lower limb deformity etc.


Deformity can be either intrinsic (from birth), formative (from strange development during youth), and

post-horrible accident (from recuperating in a distorted situation after a crack).

Types of deformities:


Clubfoot (CTEV) Congenital Vertical Talus (CVT) Dislocated Hip Joints (DDH) Congenital Scoliosis Blount’s disease (Pathological bow legs) Proximal focal femoral Deficiency (PFFD) Congenital coxa vara Congenital Pseudoarthrosis of Tibia (CPT).

● Knock knee

● Bow legs

● Perthese disease

● Idiopathic adolescent scoliosis

● Acute Osteomyletis

● Chronic Osteomyelitis

● Infected Non Union

We utilize an assortment of muscular gadgets to address bone deformations. We pick which gadget will work best in light of every individual's novel circumstance.

During medical procedure, for deformity correction the doctors make a cut across the unresolved issue two separate bone portions. This surgery to cut a bone is called an osteotomy. Then, at that point, the specialist will fix the bone.

After the bone is situated accurately, the specialist of ortho embed an inward gadget to keep the bone in the rectified situation while it mends. The inside gadget might be an inner nail/bar or a metal plate. Here and there extra delicate tissue techniques are done simultaneously to permit the muscles and nerves to oblige the adjustment.

After the bone mends, the inward gadget might be eliminated during a subsequent medical procedure.

Why choose us:

Why choose child Orthocare for Deformity Correction? Child Orthocare is a renowned Child orthopedic center and is expert in bone related deformity correction. The doctor at the Child Orthocare take the time to make sure you understand all of your options and then will make the treatment plan to meet your specific needs. Our patients are our priority and they get proper care from our team-centered approach with world known pediatric orthopedic surgeons and specialized physician assistants, nurses and physical therapists. We help patients in need of many bone related problems to achieve their best possible result.

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