Syndactyly (Fused / Joined Finger)

What is Syndactyly?

It’s a medical condition in which there is one or more digits are fused to each other.  It may present in hand or foot or both. In this fingers or toes are webbed and joined to each other. This condition is present since birth. Mostly ring finger and middle finger is fused

What is the reason behind it & Is it a genetic problem?

There is no apparent reason for this (Idiopathic). Some cases are associated with some underlying genetic condition and it may be hereditary. It may be associated with some syndrome.

How does it affect child's life?

Syndactyly (Fused/Joined digit) sometime create functional / cosmetic problem like difficulty in wearing shoes/Chappal if fused digits are present in foot. It may also create deformity in fingers in late presentation (Neglected cases).

Syndactyly treatment

Timely surgical intervention can correct it and can improve functional and cosmetic outcomes..

Is Syndactyly Surgery Successful?

Yes, surgery gives excellent results. Child leads to very good functional and cosmetic outcomes after surgery.

What is the Ideal age for Syndactyly surgery?

Ideal age for the surgery is one year of age.