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Growth pain what should parents do?

Does Your Child Wake Up  In Night While Sleeping?

If yes, then it could be growing pain.

Children during their growth spurts experience pain in body , mainly in lower limbs. Preschool age(3-5 years ) and preteen age (8-12 years ) is more commonly involved. Pain is vague and not localised to one limb and is generally more severe in night time. Mostly pain is in front of leg, calf muscle and thigh area. Sometimes pain is so intense that child wake up  from sleep in night hours and creates a panic situation.

Child is usually playful during daytime but feel easily fatigued and irritable as day passes.

Child usually asks parents to massage the limbs at night time.

Growth Pain Symptoms


Most of the children suffering from growth pain are usually fussy eater and choosy in diet. Poor dietary habit is again one of the risk factor behind Growth pain .

Growth Pain Treatment

Although there are no clear guidelines to treat this but improvement in diet like high protein and calcium diet like Milk products, Banana, Makhana ( fox nuts), sprouts, pulses, chana, custard apple (Sharifa), til (sesame seeds) jaggery, green vegetable, Egg, fruits etc.

You can give occasional pain killer like paracetamol or Ibuprofen as per pain level of child. Massage of limbs and hot fomentation will give  great relief.

Why Should You Seek Doctor Advise

All pains are not because of growth pain.

If your child is limping along with pain and there are other symptoms like fever , malaise , joint movements restriction then you should take advise from Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon.

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